Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Beautiful Day

It was way too nice today to stay indoors so we all headed out. The boys played some in the backyard and then we went to the park. After the park it was still warm and nice so we played in the front yard, pulling weeds, riding bikes, laying on the grass, etc...
The lack of pictures of Carsten is because he is not into posing or standing still long enough to snap one...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

May we be excused?

We've been absent... sorry.

The past week or so...
Carsten was sick in the last post. Reese was the next victim with me, the mom, on his heels. Only a cold, but a nasty one. Carsten is recovered and Reese and I are very close.
I've just put Reese outdoors as it is mildly nice and good enough for an almost well 3 year old. I think we are all getting a couped up feeling going on... he is enjoying strolling around the postage size backyard investigating each clump of dirt and each patch of moss. Carsten is sleeping soundly--as soon as he wakes up I'm sure he'll join R outside.

Some funny Reese-talk this week:
"I'm refused about how to hook this car up."
"I like to retrol this truck."
Reese had a rather bad, awful, terrible, no good day on Sunday. We've talked before and we talked on Sunday about how you, the three year old, can choose to have a good/happy day, or a bad/sad day. It didn't mean much. On Monday we had a great, good, wonderful, happy day. Midway through the day Reese came up to me and he said, "Mommy I'm having a good day". I didn't think our message meant much, but that gave me hope. Today, Tuesday, has been another good, happy, nice day.

Carsten is adding to his vocabulary daily:
Some basic vocab words such as poo poo and ucky.
He's also added, "uv you" (love you) and he raises one finger of the three finger sign for I love you.
Carsten has also added the head shake and emphatic "uh uh" to his repertoire. If you ask him if he'd like something or to do something and he decides that is a negative, he'll give you the "uh uh" and shake his head.

Auntie Alicia and cousin Justin have been around the past week or so and we have greatly missed out as she didn't want to be around us--imagine that!
We got some time yesterday and it was quite fun to just chat and let the cousins play--although I don't know if we should call it play as constant interference was needed.

To all our adoring fans--now that we are better we'll try to keep up on this blog...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Life with Kids...

Our week:
I'm tired.

  • Carsten is obviously getting his last two teeth (molars on top)... All the signs are there--drool, chewing on anything-especially skin, wiggling his jaw, and the telltale pointy edges of molars sticking through sensitive skin...
  • Carsten is sick. Are these related??? I've touched on this before in this blog... I really believe they are related, our doctor doesn't. He has a nasty cough, runny nose, AND an ear infection--his first. This mommy is crying. I didn't see any signs of an ear infection coming. His sickness started with a very barky infrequent cough. I didn't start putting garlic oil in his ears and now it is almost ready to burst.
  • Carsten is allergic to his Crocs. He has a rash on the bottom of his feet and our doctor muscle tested him on his Crocs and sure enough, it's them... He loves his Crocs.
  • There are some positives to this week... Monday I had a massage from our good friend who is going to massage school... wonderful!
  • Tuesday night Jim and I went out just the two of us to an amazing Italian restaurant. The 12th is our *dating* anniversary. We've been together for 14 years!
  • Now it is Friday and we are hoping Carsten feels better soon and that we get some needed rest.
Hope your weeks have been good! Happy coming weekend!
(all of the above is some pathetic excuse to not have any pictures to post)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is the new get-up that Reese puts on multiple times a day... Layers of stuff... there are three hats there--a santa hat, floppy farmer hat, and a hard hat. He has another hat--a jester's hat around his waist. Add a snowsuit and black cape and voila!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Flannel Pants

We like to have flannel pant nights at our house... where we all come home, put on flannel pants and relax--usually Sunday night. Reese has outgrown all his flannel pants, so I got inspired to make us all matching ones. Here we are! Notice Lu Lu has a pair of her own...