Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soccer and Mowing Fun

Oma taught Reese how to mow, so now the fun begins!  Tonight Reese was on our mower and Jim and Carsten were on Papa Jim's mower.  They were trying to beat the rain!

Reese thinks it's great now, but we'll see when it becomes a chore... :)

Carsten scored a goal on Saturday and was so pleased!  First goal this year for him and for his team.


Thanks to our friend, Larry M., for this fun picture from last week's game!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Back at Soccer!

Reese and Carsten had their first games of the season today.  Reese had his first double-header (two games in one day).  They played very well today.

Carsten has a funny coach--his dad!  :)
Carsten played well, but was a bit frustrated by his team and the score...  He is one of the oldest on his team, so the others don't exactly cooperate fully yet.