Friday, June 28, 2013


Two boys, trying to take 'cute' pictures, enough said.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

March to June Info/Photo Dump!

This seemed like the easiest way to catch up the fastest!  So, here is a bit of a photo deluge...
Here are the boys and our friend Lawson on a walk in March.

 We got to go to our friend Lincoln's birthday party at the Bounce House place--fun!

I have about ten pictures of this bunch and in all of them the boys are silly and the girls are serious...

Spring soccer.

The cat caught this guy (mouse/vole/shrew?) and the kids thought they should 'save' it!  The fun didn't last too long as it never moved.  They let it go and it promptly died (probably from a heart attack!)

Good times with good friends!  On the way home from Mtn. Ranch convention we stopped in Chico and saw Fred and Sally for lunch.

We had a combined birthday carnival/bbq/cowboy fest in June for Reese, Carsten, Devin and Preston.

Pin the tail on the donkey.

Lasso a horse!  Very cool horse that Uncle Todd made and Aunt Alicia coordinated.  They would throw a mini hula-hoop around his neck.

And now a line-up of all our out-laws!








We surprised the boys on Carsten's actual birthday and took them mini-golfing for the first time.  You would have thought we had taken them to Disneyland again!  They thought it was sooo fun.  :)

We attended Youth Outdoor Day for the first time and it was fantastic!  The kids got t-shirts, backpacks, and a prize (one got a compass, one a camping chair).  They got to fish, climb a rock wall, build a bird house, lunch was provided, learn all about survival (I think they learned something like 20 different ways to start a fire--great...).  A really fun day and totally worth the $5!!
They've been on a building-a-fire kick for a bit now...  They are also putting together survival kits and practicing outside.