Friday, April 27, 2012

Train Trip!

Yesterday we went on a trip with a school group--a train ride from Portland to Seattle and then back again that evening.  We got up at 4:30am, got ready, drove to Portland and got on the Cascades Amtrak train.  It was a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Seattle.  The boys loved it!  So many bonuses over a car ride--no seat belts/car seats, a bathroom just a wobbly walk away, a bistro car with snacks, switching seats, playing games (Uno and Spot It)... and for the parents the price tag--only $14 a person round trip! :-)


Listening to stories and watching the scenery...

We then had 4 hours to spend in Seattle how we wanted.

 We wandered all over Seattle.  We started with a two mile walk to a hamburger place that had many gluten free options--yummy!  We then trekked back stopping along the way--a total of five miles! We originally thought we'd do a museum or the aquarium, but it was a beautiful sunny day, so we just ended up walking around. The boys were troopers and slept like babies last night!

On the ride home...  tired and plugged in!

And no day is complete without some excitement...  On the drive home from Portland a friend of ours had a flat tire on the freeway and we just happened to be almost to where she was stopped on the side of the freeway.  We stopped to make sure she was fine (a police officer changed the tire for her), and then we wanted to caravan home to make sure she made it.  Jim was driving quite slow on the freeway to let her catch up and he got pulled over by the same police officer that had helped her change her tire!  Thankfully he was the one that had helped her, so he understood what we were doing.  Off we went again to fall very tiredly into our beds!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soccer Time Again...

 We are back at soccer!  Carsten joined a team that was missing a few players, so today was his first game.  

 Funny face...

 Carsten ended up making the only goal for their little team, the Falcons!

 Today was Reese's second game this season.  Ended up the games were at the same time!  Had to split the parents up to watch (glad Papa came to watch too!)
The exciting news for Reese is that at last week's game he scored his first two goals--ever!  He was so excited.  Jim and I were talking or something and we missed the first one--Reese had to run over to tell us that he had made a goal...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 We've been busy with Science Fair Projects and Carsten's was about bubbles...
Here are some fun pictures we did after we were done 'experimenting'!

Carsten's Second Lost Tooth

 Carsten lost his second tooth last week and now he is working on 4 more!!! 
Every. Single. Meal. he asks us Every. Single. Bite. if another one is missing...  Oh, boy.


 We had the cousins over and so we made little sailboats.  Of course they needed testing out, so into the tub they went (the boats, not the kids--although Clayton started to undress down to skivvies before I understood what he thought was happening!)