Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fun at Opa and Oma's!

We've been seeing a lot of deer here and this guy just sat right off the deck and watched us for quite awhile...

Then the excitement started...  First the heat quit working. It ended up to be a problem on the fuel tank, so an easy/quick fix by the fuel company. Next up, the septic tank backed up. Yuck. So, that got dug up and the neighbor helped us get the tree roots out of a pipe--problem solved.
Next the well quit.
Oh, country living. Isn't it grand?

Today has been spent splitting wood and stacking it for the long cold winter. Reese has been chief wood splitter operator. He has been out there all day!
The well pump also got pulled up and fixed today. Just in time to leave.
We head home tomorrow.

Reese doesn't want to leave. Wonder why?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Our Big Trip! Disneyland

After Legoland we spent three days at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Park (thanks Unc!!!).

 Waiting for the Toy Story ride--super fun and you get to play games while you ride.

 Waiting for the Cars ride--longest wait ever...

 The family on Splash Mountain (I opted to not get wet).

 An amazing trip, exhausting, but so fun!
Unc also took us to eat at the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant, the Blue Bayou.  You sit inside right by where the ride goes by and it's dark and so, so fun (Reese spent most of dinner waving at all the people going by on the ride).  The other bonus was that they were super accommodating with our diet.  The chef came out and discussed our gluten free options and made sure we were taken care of!  Wow.
This trip was also Reese and Carsten's first experience of rides.  They absolutely loved them!  We did Space Mountain 5 times, Tower of Terror 2 times, California Screamin' 4 times, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 times, and all the others!!!
Great time had by all.  When we were standing in lines or eating we would discuss how we all want to work at Disneyland and which job each of us would have...

Our Big Trip! Legoland

We took a family trip (with Opa, Oma, and Unc) to Southern California to visit Legoland!

We started with a walk to the beach from where we were staying...
The boys could have spent the whole evening here and maybe the next couple of days?  There were quite a few surfers and we had fun watching them.

Learning to drive and getting driving licenses...

Waiting...  We did a bit of this.

A Volvo out of Legos--very cool.

On a boat ride to view more Lego creations with Unc.

Reese with two of his favorite people.

We had a great time at Legoland and even came away with a few Legos.