Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mud, Oh Glorious Mud...

The other day Reese wanted to go outside and play with Sarge, the neighborhood cat, and so I let him. He went out in his socks, but was soon asking for his boots as Sarge was leaving the porch and Reese wanted to follow. Not too much more time and Carsten was asking for his boots and wanting to join the fun outside. I didn't think too much about what they were doing and puttered around inside. I would glance outside every couple of minutes and check on the boys, but they were just following Sarge around and playing with their shovels and outside toys.

I checked again on they boys as Jim was coming home soon for lunch and I was going to the dentist. I saw Reese frantically waving his arms, so I opened the door. He yelled that he and Carsten were stuck. And sure enough, they were stuck--in the mud. What to do? I was dressed somewhat nicely for a stay at home mom--still a denim skirt, but with a white sweater and white tights. I contemplated leaving them until Jim arrived, but that could have been another 10-20 minutes... I put on my trusty boots and trudged out to the mud bog. I was pretty sure I could end up stuck as well and so I was giggling and wondering what we must look like to the neighbor (who sits and watches our backyard for a pastime).

I grabbed Reese's boot by the strap and the strap immediately broke... I had to heft their boots out and I had to help Carsten the whole way up the little hill as his boots were absolutely caked in mud. The whole time I was chanting, "don't touch Mommy, don't touch Mommy...". I managed to make it to the top and to the porch with only a few spots of mud! The boys stripped and we fled indoors. While I was at the dentist Jim washed the boots and the patio (hence the fairly clean boots in the picture above). I should mention the kids haven't been back out since and not because of me--they haven't even asked!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Been forever...

It's been some time... I feel like Rae--I used to think all the time what to say and put on the blog and took special pictures just for it and maybe I'll get back there, but for now we've had so much going on that I'm not there (blogland).

We went to the coast for a weekend and didn't take any pictures except for the this one of Carsten on the way there. I had woken him up from a nap to go and he was cold so he was all snugly in his car seat. We had a gift certificate for a hotel so we went over and went to the aquarium, had some beach time, saw some friends, and enjoyed the coast...

We had special company at the beginning of the year, Lee and Dellas. Dellas played his harmonica for Reese and Reese tried to imitate him.