Sunday, February 19, 2012

The D.O.G.

Lucky, our three legged dog.  After much thought and much convincing of the mother, the boys have a dog.  We found him at a shelter here and just kept going back to him.  He is from another state and they think his foot was caught in a trap.  When he arrived here they decided to remove his whole leg as it was more of a hindrance, than a help. He doesn't seem to notice that it is gone until he goes to scratch an itch on that side!
 He is quiet, patient with the boys, likes Skippy (and vice versa), is cute...
His only faults are shedding, and he really doesn't care for big dogs!
  They think he is about 2 years old, so no chewing on everything--another bonus.
He is a terrier of some mix, not sure exactly what.

 Jim gave him a haircut last night in the hopes that he would shed less, but hmmm... seems to not be working.