Sunday, June 29, 2008

Did I already say BUSY DAYS?

The zoo was a very hot expedition, so when we got back to Ben and Mindy's house the boys (including Ben) played in the sprinkler... Carsten mostly giggled at Ben's antics.

Our good friends Ben and Mindy wanted to take the boys to the zoo for their birthdays, so that is what we did on Saturday. Convenient since Carsten was free! We all enjoyed ourselves--hot sun, funny animals, very well-behaved boys, and good friends. Many thanks to B & M.

We needed to go back to IKEA this weekend as we weren't able to get all our flooring the first trip. The prices are liable to go up after Monday, so we were anxious to get most all the big purchases made before then. This trip we planned well, called ahead, made lists, knew what we were getting and how to get them. It went very smoothly and we were out in record time. Just had to throw that in so that IKEA doesn't look so bad. We are starting to put together our cabinets as I write (well, Jim and Reese are starting).
Update on the house: windows are almost all in and the roofing is almost complete. The electricians come Monday...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Times...

Jim had business by an IKEA on Wednesday, so we thought it would be a great time to also get our kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room cabinets. Throw a little flooring and a hutch in there too... Everything that day took hours longer than planned. I dropped Jim off for his meeting and then met our good friend Mindy for shopping/lunch. Jim was to call when he was done. Well, the lunch place we picked was noisy, so I happened to not hear the phone... until 45 minutes after Jim started to call... whoops. We raced over to get him (he had walked a mile to get himself some lunch). We then headed to IKEA. The road we picked took over an hour to get there due to an accident. I should mention that we had tried in the morning to fax over all the parts we needed, but they were not open and did not have the fax on... so, when we finally got to the place we had to go over the plans (took about and hour) and then the nice people ordered them (this took a half hour), then we came back to their department and paid, then we were told it would all be ready to pick up in an hour... great. Thankfully Mindy was with us and she would take the kids off to play throughout the store while we stressed about all the cabinets. We took the hour and tried to get a few other items and then went to check on our order... another hour! At this point we were running out of time... Mindy had to go and that is another story--her car across town... her husband came and rescued her. I won't go into much more detail other than to say that the kids were beyond tired, oh, and the parents too. It took a couple of hours, yes, hours to load everything on our trailer and to check everything off the list (they suggest you do this as you load). Jim sliced his finger on the second box and Carsten fell three times hitting his face each time. We got home at midnight. End of story. Wait... now we have to put it all together!
(note: the picture above is only about a quarter of the boxes in our garage to put together and make all our cabinets...)

We found out last week that one of our good friend's (and a previous roommate of mine) mother passed away. We headed over for the funeral... We found out on Thursday and the funeral was to be Saturday, so we hit the road on Friday. It was about a 9 hour drive. We stayed with other roomies of ours and had some fun times. The kids had a great time although Reese said that he, "did not have fun because it was only two days", he would, "have fun if next time if it was ten days".
Probably the most exciting portion of the trip was in the first two hours... we were going over a very curvy pass and low and behold Carsten became carsick. This was our first experience of this with either kid, so we were a little shocked. Reese immediately started to yell that he was also going to throw up so I started yelling for Jim to, "roll down Reese's window, pull over, Carsten is throwing up all over, pull over NOW!" Jim found a little patch of gravel on the side of the road and we attempted to clean up a 2 year old and a
carseat with just wipes. The rest of the trip we had to roll the windows down every few minutes to try to rid the car of the smell. The only thing we can figure is that usually Carsten is asleep when we are in the mountains, we had rented a small car to get better gas mileage so the kids really couldn't see the road, Carsten had just drunk a steamer... maybe the milk was bad?

We spent last evening over at the property doing a little clean-up. We collected a bag of recycling and a couple of bags of trash... lots of nails. The boys had fun putting nails in their buckets for us to throw away. The roofing is coming right along... today they are going to finish framing the front patio so it can be roofed. Speaking of roofing... they had a little visit from OSHA yesterday. In the picture of the back of the house below you will notice the boards they put on after the visit. Whoops. They got a little talk and a little fine.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last day with Lane...

Today is our last day with Lane... tomorrow they pull out in a moving truck. We are going to miss you Lane--your easy smile, your happy nature, and your ease of amusement on the couch. It's been a great six months watching you and we are going to miss your parents too!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coming along...

We headed over to the property today at Reese's request. The boys collected nails and hammered to their hearts' content. Our house is really taking shape! This picture is from the street aimed at the front and garage end.

From the back.

Aimed at the garage.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Great Outdoors

We went over to Jim's dad's house today and spent the day working on getting the place ready for company. Jim and my mom, Oma, worked outside while Alicia and I worked inside. The boys ended up outside all day. They couldn't have had a better day... outside. At one point Alicia and I caught them playing--evidence in the picture.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2 years ago today...

Our second newborn.


This morning eating breakfast...

Dear Carsten,
You have got to be the happiest boy we know. You have a fabulous smile and you hand it out often. You wake up happy and can be woken up happy. You are starting to use so many words it amazes us. Our favorite thing you do is copy whatever we tell you to say, which leads to some pretty funny words. Some good ones are; bumpzky, pot pie, toot, and Reese. Carsten, your brother loves you bigola and you love him the same. You are a little more rough and tumble, but you both get along amazingly. We don't want you to grow up, but it is quite fun to see you grow and change. You are getting more fun each day. I love that you smile at everyone and are willing to wave and give smiles to friends. You don't seem to have a slow speed or a walk speed, you run everywhere. Your favorite color is blue and you are quick to point out anything blue in our day. We love you bigola and hope you have a happy day today!
Love, Mommy

To answer some of your questions today is Carsten's birthday and Monday was mine. The construction zone cake was for all of us this year... We are going to make cookies or something simple to share tonight after Bible study, but other than that we are going to keep it low key.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The boys' cake...

Reese requested a strawberry cake for his birthday, so we made a strawberry excavator cake. The cake is strawberry cake and the rocks are chocolate covered strawberries--yummy.


The service for Paula will be this Saturday, June 7th at 11:00am. If you need more info (address, etc.) please email us...
Thank you for all your kind comments and thoughts going our way--we appreciate all the care and concern.