Monday, June 22, 2009


Today was Carsten's birthday present from Papa... A Day Out With Thomas! Papa took me, our two boys, Auntie Alicia, and Justin (see her blog for more pictures).
First we got to ride a school bus to the train station (this was a highlight for Reese). We were the only ones on a huge bus.

Butter was invited today too.

We tried to get Carsten's reaction to first seeing Thomas and this is the best we could do!

Watching Thomas go by with a load of passengers.

The boys on the train--Carsten was showing his little Thomas what was outside the window.

Carsten's reaction to being asked if he was enjoying his ride on Thomas.

Waiting for the train to get started... It was interesting that the Thomas was only a fake engine with steam coming from his smokestack... There was a real engine on the other end that pulled and pushed us along. It was cute though and Carsten, Reese, and Justin were all impressed.

Posing for the official picture!

Waving goodbye to Thomas!
There were a lot of activities to do besides ride the train, so the boys were pretty tired by the time we got back in the car... Reese participated in a little percussion show and he won a train whistle for following all the instructions and doing a great job. Both boys picked out flashlights to spend their birthday money on and Papa got them great t-shirts. A fun day!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reese's big run...

Reese had his 1K run today. He did very well, running the whole way. He enjoyed it so much that he is raring to go again! Jim ran a 5K earlier and then ran with Reese.

Waiting to start.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Carsten!

Yesterday we had a little birthday dinner for Carsten and a repeat for Reese... Carsten is 3 now!

Carsten wanted a Thomas cake...

Justin with his cousins! There is a lot of "hands-on" time when Justin comes to visit...

A few more pictures from our time at Opa and Oma's. Reese wanted to "help" Unc change the oil in the cars... He could hardly keep his hands off...