Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim!

The 39 birthday... Next year's birthday is a doosey.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the Season...

...for holiday letters and all that.
This year I am saving a few pennies and putting our holiday letter and pictures on our blog. I have to admit that I do feel a little bit guilty as all of your pictures and letters arrive in the mail...

Now for the memories of 2010:
The year started off with a bang--in more ways than one. The kids and I were in a car accident in January, which totaled our Suburban. Thankfully we weren't injured beyond sore necks and the boy that turned in front of us wasn't hurt too badly either. Not an experience I wish to repeat.

We had a wonderful roommate for one quarter, Ben. The boys absolutely adored having an older brother for a couple of months. He was usually up for a game of Nerf darts, boxing, horse rides, sitting in a dark closet--pretty much anything the boys dreamed up!

We've had many great visits from Opa and Oma this year as well as from some good friends. Please come see us and we'll add you to our good friend list!

Jim still likes running for some reason--I like to say it is because he still runs with eleven women most mornings :-). He continues with Weight Watchers, teaching one class a week and substituting often for other leaders. Jim remains working with his dad and brother in law at Bashful Bob's Windows and Doors, which keeps us close with Papa and Auntie Alicia and Uncle Todd. It's always fun to run to town for lunch with Papa and the cousins.

Carsten: He remains our accident prone child and I don't think he is going to lose that title. Carsten and Reese have become best friends the last couple of months which is quite cute to watch, but I am waiting for the moment that ends... They like to share a bed, give each other toys they know the other one will like, and being sticky sweet with their words. Carsten likes to listen in to Reese and I doing school and he picks up little tidbits of information which he likes to spout off later. He is the boy that wakes up happy and is quick to tell you, "thank you" and, "I love you".

Reese: He is our big 1st grader. We are continuing with the Virtual Academy that we were with last year and Reese and I really enjoy our time learning. Reese does well with math and reading, but his favorite subject is science. We finally put the boys in swim lessons this past summer and Reese really did well. He progressed quickly through the levels and wasn't afraid to try what the teachers asked him to do. He is also continuing with piano lessons and doing well with that although practicing is sometimes a chore. Reese lost six teeth this year, four rather quickly, so he has had trouble biting apples and other hard objects.

Our newest addition to the family is Skippy Jon Jones and we are loving having him. He adds so much life to the party. He is either on or off. Either running in circles or sleeping (in some odd positions for a cat).

We started with a feral cat we had tamed all summer and fall, Caramel, but he was hit by a car. We felt a void when he was gone, so off to the shelter we went and we didn't come home empty handed!

We hope you all have wonderful holidays!
Jim, Dana, Reese, and Carsten

*Picture of our family and kids by Michelle Tschetter

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Cat...

Skippy is the funniest sleeper, whatever is comfortable...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread House Making

Or, maybe more accurately, Graham Cracker House Making... :)
We had a fun evening of making winter houses!

Carsten and Grandma JoAnn's--Carsten wanted a bridge up to his...

Reese and Jim's--theirs ended up like an outhouse or a bus stop... and, theirs fell down twice during construction.

Justin and Auntie Alicia's--theirs was the most "house" like.

Uncle Todd's--his was the most sturdy, thanks to a pound of frosting!

Joren and Kaitlyn's house--thiers was the most creative.

Clayton kept himself busy--here he is hammering on the table.

Papa Jim relaxed with Skippy Jon Jones while the house making was going on...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye Ben!

Ben left today... He is transferring to the school by his parents. We are very sad, but hope for the best for him. Notice Carsten's hair--he had to have his hair cut just like Ben's, "Do a number 2 all over mom"... okay.

Little Ole Skippy

The kids and I wanted to take pictures of Skippy Jon Jones before he gets too much bigger so we remember how little he was. This is Skippy next to Butter for size comparison...
He is quite the people kitty, always wants to be right by us. He is also very wild when he wakes up from the night or naps... :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Skippy Jon Jones

Our new kitten's name!
We really like these books and even though our new guy doesn't look like this Skippy, he sure acts like him!
These books are about a Siamese cat who thinks he looks more like a Chihuahua because of his big head and ears... you'll have to read them!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

We caved...

We went to the Humane Society today... just to look... and... yeah. Meet the new member of our family! His name is yet to be decided by all of us, but we are working on it. He is 12 weeks old, but the size of an 8 week old as he and his siblings were malnourished. So far he seems to be very good natured and is loving the boys--Reese loves holding him and keeps saying, "I've always wanted a little kitty to snuggle".

The kids and I made some of our favorite GF Sugar Cookies last night... Yummm.

Carsten insisted on wearing this sign around on Thanksgiving... Not many pictures of our Thanksgiving as both kids were sick, but we had a nice day anyway.